From Temple of Ignorance to House of Learning

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BoingBoing.Net reports that “this breathtaking place is a former Dominican church that was converted into a new retail location for bookseller Selexyz Dominicanen.”

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Random House’s Modern Library – 100 Best – Novels

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I don’t know – if the Random House ‘Reader’s List’ is truly a reflection of what people think are the 100 best novels of all times, I think we are all in more trouble than even I thought.

And, yes, I do include Ayn Rand’s novels in this – I have read her, and I found her style insufferably clunky while her characters did nothing for me. However, I have to admit that that Rand’s musings on architecture in The Fountainhead were quite thought provoking and my taste has been strongly influenced by it.

After reading The Fountainhead, how could anybody possibly tolerate this:


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